Were marching on

It has started to rain finally so I guess I better head for home. The week started with a couple of 90 degree days and ended with some cool 60 degree versions. Tonight is spectacular. I really don’t know what I am doing, just riding around. Some tunes from One Republic blasting from my iPod shuffle now. I ride my bike when I don’t know what to do. Today I read some posts from my old Thursday Night Ride group in Missoula and now I wonder if I made a mistake. Is this home sick? I keep riding on…o/o

For those days we felt like a mistake, Those times when love’s what you hate,  Somehow,  We keep marching on.

I am finally settling in and even have found some time for rides. This Thursday my friends and I rode a long toot around a place called Mystic Lake high in the mountains. My  mind has been busy with  constant reminders that I have a couple 100 mile races coming up. That makes me panic a little. Tonight as I ride and the tune “Marching On” blasts out more lyrics I think about a close friends recent battle in a hundred effort . I keep riding on …o/o

We’ll have the days we break, And we’ll have the scars to prove it,  We’ll have the bonds that we save,  But we’ll have the heart not to lose it.  For all of the times we’ve stopped,  For all of the things I’m not.  We put one foot in front of the other,  We move like we ain’t got no other,  We go when we go,  We’re marching on.

I round the bend and now on the home stretch I coast a little and think about the future, even the near future. At 5 AM my friend Paul rolls into town and we will drive to Missoula. A drive to watch another dear friend race in a national series race. I stop at a light and it comes into focus, beyond the city elements. Beyond the stop light and street signs. Out in the distance. The mountains, they beckon. I guess I have it all. Friends, bonds, and a place to ride to remember them.

There’s so many wars we fought, There’s so many things we’re not,  But with what we have,  I promise you that,  We’re marching on

And I continue to ride on…o/o

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