Sypes Canyon Trail


So I finally got out on a solo ride and none to soon. I started to feel like I was dying. Nothing like a strong dose of climbing on a mountain bike to jump start the heart. After work I jumped in my car and blindly drove around until I found this little trail head called Sypes Canyon. I pulled my bike off the rack and began to climb.


And climb. Soon the sun started to set. But I wanted to go up as far as I could which I have suspicions that this gem connects into a longer trail that runs along the West side of the main ridge. I wanted to get near the Devils Backbone. I kept thinking of that term because at times the ricks were so sharp … almost like riding along a backbone.


The views were becoming so beautiful I found it hard to keep progressing up the ridge. it seemed as though every time I got around the next switchback I was whipping out the camera again.


Then the sun really set, disappearing behind the horizon. I figured it may be time to get off that ridge before dark. One mishap and I could take a header in the dark. Did I mention that parts of the trail were pretty technical.


But I finally made it down and now I feel a little more normal. Still trying to fit in though.

2 thoughts on “Sypes Canyon Trail

  1. Hey Bill,
    Just checking out your blog…..Bozeman looks beautiful. Keep up the good ride.
    Bob (Ed’s brother)

  2. Thanks Bob, sure was great to hang out with you two weekends ago. let me know the next time you are in the Big Sky. Hope you asked for a hot towel on the flight back … lol.

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