Winds of change

I can remember the excitement as I prepared to work for Sikorsky Aircraft. It was a job offer much like my current one and whith it a great opportunity. I had no clue what I was in for and I left behind my home and friends in Plattsburgh New York. Everything was a new and exciting adventure in Connecticut. In the end though, I was not cut out for corporate life and just wanted to get back to the mountains. I decided that I would give up a bit of my career for a quality of life that I needed. I needed the mountains for some odd reason and I couldn’t explain it. I moved to Missoula and it was the best move of my life. I have lost and loved here and wouldn’t trade the experiences for a pile of gold.

I eventually scored a job that I absolutely loved. The only problem was that I couldn’t pay the bills and the company couldn’t offer me any more. Enter my last transition. Since I switched from my first job in Missoula to the current one I have been tentative to make another job-hopping move and have been waiting for a real opportunity. Unfortunately Missoula never produced any real opportunity.

The job I am now leaving gave me a sense of being trapped in a bad decision. Moving from a job that I loved to one that paid more. The only thing that made sense is that was offered more cash that I needed to pay the bills. It was a whirlwind, starting with the scary interview, offer, and my acceptance. It all happened so fast I didn’t have a chance to back out and ever sense I have always had this sense of dread walking into the doors every morning. At first I was happy to finally start paying bills and get back into racing. It was a perfect bit of income so I could play. But all that dried up and the pay has even decreased. Time to move on and step out of a rut. Time to pick the lock on my cage and fly free.

I am going to work for Montana State University in the Information Technology Center and I am quite stoked. There I can grow, learn, and prosper unlike anything I have been offered in Missoula. So now I have a sense of freedom and optimism. Moving from a unhealthy situation to a nurturing one. And the best part is that the salary is double that of my current position. So making more not necessarily means I have to make a sacrifice. This feels good.

The only bad part is that I must leave Missoula. I do love this place but I am not unhappy to leave it. Sure I have great friends and a local network of mountain bike trails. And it is impossible to think I can live without the Bridge Pizza or Big Dipper Ice Cream. Just as the winds change so does life. I can stay put and wonder what all the doors would of opened into. I am jumping into this one and while I leave so many things behind I am optimistic the new adventure will produce happiness. I must follow the wind.

2 thoughts on “Winds of change

  1. You have inspired me ever since I met you and with each change you have made, even more. I have a really good feeling about this one brother. How could be anything less than great when you are so skilled at life that you could live in a box and still find away to follow your passions. That you have always gone beyond survival and followed them is what has most motivated me. Thanks for the many years of help in that way. Just make sure I have a floor to sleep on in the near future…even if it is in the box next to yours. LOL

  2. Thank you for all the kind words Paul. We have traveled a long journey so far but we have many adventures to come.

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