Cardamom days of spring

This morning resembles a rain forest. The rain fell all last night and the clouds are hugging all the mountains around Missoula. Not exactly a day one would think of riding a 50 mile mountain bike loop. A loop that has a monster climb and traverses some high country that at last report could contain huge snow drifts. The entire day is mysterious. Who knows what we will encounter.

Yesterday was a pretty full day of “stay in town laziness” or SITL and I would like to call it. No races, no big adventure rides, no traveling. Just hanging out in Missoula and interfacing with good friends.  The day started with a farmers market meet up with Ed, Laurie, Julie, and Ron. I was able to shine in regards to caloric consumption. Also my choice of calories to consume were pretty impressive. I started with a blueberry scone, this after a blueberry scone at City Brew earlier. But this blueberry scone was home made and with a dedicated layer of blueberries was truly a scone to admire. My taste buds did so.

I moved on to another level of tastiness. I scored a cardamom coffee cake. A big fan of cardamom I was skeptical that this would do the exotic spice justice. But after a few bites my mouth was a spice party. Major Yum!

Being in a social environment, wheather it be that people make me nervous, or the fact that everyone else was eating stuff, I did not stop at the coffee cake. I went on to do a scrumptious sun dried tomato focaccia. Then as we approached dinner time I scored a potato ball from Saw Wa De. Thank goodness a big rain storm drove me home. I would of continued to eat all day.

So after the morning of hanging and eating I had to take a nap. A nap was a good choice. Just enough to recharge my batteries for a afternoon ride. I headed out the the Bass Creek trails. On the way my friend Ross texted me that he wanted in on the adventure. So we hit the trails together. It was a fun little loop with lots of swoopy single track. Plus just in case riding a bike for one hour was to strenuous there were plenty horse people available to get off the bikes and talk to.

Most were nice people but the locations of the interactions were ill placed. It seems every time we got our momentum up and was whooping it up on some single track section we would come upon the beast riders. As I passed the horses I looked into their eyes. It seems they were like, “dude, your so lucky, I wish I could just go out and exercise without this lard ass on my back”. I wonder if I would mountain bike if I had to carry my bike all the time.

To finish off the perfect SITL I stopped in at Julie and Ron’s for a BBQ and cake bake. We (Julie did but we consulted her) made this interesting chocolate, chocolate chip, ginger, cardamom, cake.  While watching the movie Secretariat I was the lucky one to bite into the surprise cardamom chunks. The day ended with a half baked plan to ride 50 miles today … in which case, I had better get prepared.  Hope everyone has great adventures today.

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