New trail

The air seems better and the sun has decided to make an appearance. A clear mind makes for a better day. Yesterday I got a job offer from Bozeman working at the University. So I have finally reached the fork in the trail I was looking for.  I have been to the left on that loop before, the Missoula loop. It’s a great loop but I know there is more to be experienced. So I have decided to take the right fork and head on down that trail towards Bozeman. I am excited and new experiences await.

So what better way to mull over a choice and celebrate a new direction then to go on a mountain bike ride. I decided upon going up Grant Creek and hitting up the Ravine Trail. At the top I put some flowers near Marcy’s ashes and was surprised at the realization that I subconsciously came to that spot to say goodbye. I was all teary eyed as I approached the top and the tree where I spread her ashes and revisit every year during the RMVQ. Missoula has many great things and many tragedies since living here and now as I move on, I really “move on”.

I felt like in some way something let go of my heart and started to descend into the Rattlesnake. I flew down the hill with a Zen like flow. I was truly having a great ride and the trails were finally in great condition. I felt free to enjoy the ride and seemed to posses bat like reaction skills. Once I rounded a corner to discover the trail missing and in its place a washed out canyon trench. I flew over it and landed on the other side like a deer jumping a fence.

Heading home I went by the winery and decided to stop in. I discovered Ed playing in a jazz band outdoors in a pleasant evening sunset. I managed to talk them into a Bridge meet up and we talked about the new path over fresh slices and pints of local fair. Perfect evening after another perfect loop around the Missoula trail. Tomorrow I will take the new path to see where it goes.

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