Building an ark

Wouldn’t you know it. As soon as I started writing this piece the sun came out and it is as beautiful as can be.

It is quite obvious to me that it is my calling to build an ark. Let me clarify though, that I am not saying I think the bible is actual fact but a great piece of literature. Ok, maybe not even great in my opinion, just that a professor once said it was. I mean, it is not Jonathan Livingston Seagull quality. But this post in not to argue religion or literature but to explain why I have started visiting place like Lowes and Home Depot in search of tools and supplies.

First off, why? Well just look around. The Clark Fork is about to start flowing down Broadway and we have seen rain every single day since it changed from snow to liquid. The snow pack may be finally receding but every other day it seems to get a “set-back coating”. It is even worse then my 2006 gripe blog year or even last year. So yea, chances are in a month or two Missoula will return to Lake Missoula.  So I need to build a boat.

Secondly, I saw two rabbits. I saw another last night on the TNR. That makes two. And I think the story goes that if I were to help save all the animals from the impending waters I need two of each. I think we all know why. So I saw two rabbits and I figure that is a sign. One even talked to me but that is debatable as well. So I need a very large boat … like an ark.

Thirdly, I am onto the “grand plan”. Upon completing the TNR last night we stopped on the pedestrian bridge near the university for a natural light show. Hellgate canyon was lit up in an unbelievable color display from the setting sun. Or was it? I turned around and took a look at the source light. It was no sun but a laser scanner from something in the sky. I think we were just “scanned” by some aliens. That or Google is going to start offering the Missoula Valley in 3d. In any case I have my suspicions.

Finally, I leaving my job anyway and a boat could come in handy to live in. You know, just in case other opportunities don’t pan out. So yea, a very large boat. The only thing I haven’t decided on is where to build it. Anyone have some land I could use?

Your Thoughts

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