Meat up in the forest


I walked into my apartment last night feeling like I got ran over by a truck. It has been 10 days since my 311 mile effort at the 24 Hours of Round the Clock so it doesn’t surprise me that I am not ready for any “heavy duty” training. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t try.

My first interval and my last were similar. It was tough to get going and when the ol ticker got up to 150 I was suffering like a dog. Good thing they only lasted 30 seconds. But I made it through all 20 of them; well minus one when I decided that running around deadfall constituted a “effort”.

The way back from the Stuart Peak Trail was a different story. I was a thrashing lunatic biker in training mode going up. But once turned around (because of bad trail conditions I was  a stumbling slow poke. But that is not a bad thing. I got to slow down and see all the elements of a wild forest in slo-mo.

Meet Bernard the rabbit. I met Bernard on the trail just after I turned around. I was attempting to ride but was about to get off to walk. I was getting coated in cold water spray. I hit the brakes and they screeched wildly. I grabbed harder just trying to heat up the brakes so they wouldn’t be so noisy. I felt guilty being out in the wilderness and making so much unnecessary noise.

Within a few moments I was sitting back up after the plummeting off the front of the bike. “Ok, I am walking it from here on out”, I said to myself and looked around to find my glasses.

“Excuse me … why all the fuss”, a voice said. I looked suddenly to the source. Sitting across the trail from me was a rabbit.

“Bernard is my name and you my friend are really noisy”, he said without looking up from his lunch, a nice green patch of new grass.

“Excuse me?”

“That screeching sound. At first it scared the hell out of me. I thought a canadien goose was dive-bombing me. …  What?”, he must of noticed my shocked look. “Are you surprised to see me? All you humans just plow through here like the forest is on fire or something. No, I am not afraid any more; this is the first time someone stopped by though. Although a noisy stop at that. And I must say that is a particular way you get off your wheel thingy.”

“Ah, yea, my mountain bike. Sorry about that. And I have to say I am not as surprised to see you. But to have you … ah … interacting with me like this …”

“Well no one has ever stopped before. The way you are shaking I am sensing you better get to a heat source within the half hour. You are going to get creeping cold disease.”


“Yea, that’s it. Well continue on my friend, I must get back to dinner.”

I picked my bike up and took a couple photos of my new friend. And he was right, I was super cold. I mounted my bike and rode back to town. I must visit my friends up there more. Maybe with out the “wheel thingy”.

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