Big Loss in JJ6

June 13th 2010 I was well rested with a morning heart rate of 38 bpm and I weighed 174.4 pounds. This year I am exhausted from a week of stress and woke up with a heart rate of 43 bpm and weighed in at 176 pounds (before eating like 8 scones).

The GPS units are great because you can record a track and then replay them as you ride the exact same route. A little icon appears on the screen that shows you your position in comparison to the previous track. I was excited to do my 3rd Jumbo Juggernaut 6 and race last years version of Bill Martin in a solo pacing exercise. Ha, I race Bill version June 13th, 2010 … and I lost big time. I spanked myself. It is one thing to lose to someone else but to yourself is very demoralizing.

Lap 4 GPS

Looking at the data I got beat on the climb. Sure I was held up by snow drifts but the 3 dismounts and slogs cant attribute to the 2:36 difference between Last June and today. Upon further analyzing the data I discovered that I was blasting the downhill so fast I made up for the slogs easily. The biggest loss of time was the long climb up Marshall Grade. I was simply slower. A lot slower. Very disappointing. Argh!

The race started out great as I lead out up the initial steep climb. As I bombed down the initial small decent to Marshall Grade I encountered someone with a heard of dogs. By the time I sifted through the large pack of pets I was behind. I spent the next 20 minutes trying to chase down my opponent but only managed to wear myself out. I was red lining my allowed heart rate.

Then at altitude I hit the snow slogs. Definitely not something my competition had to do. This put me farther behind. Then on the downhill through 3 Larch I had a chance to catch up. I seemed to be really nailing it when my handlebar clipped a tree and I crashed down the side hill. By the time I was on my bike I was mentally out of the race.

I finished within my heart rate limits but 2.5 minutes off the pace. Clearly slower then last year. Could it be the two pounds extra I am carrying. Surely not over trained because my hear rate was substantially higher then last year. I managed two minutes faster with less heart beats, on average 5 beats less. Is the fitness gone?  Or my bike not set up correctly. maybe the 2X9 system is just too steep of a gearing situation.

On a side note. I did not have my Carbo Rocket 333 that I normally use because I accidently forgot to order more on the first. So I used the exact same thing as last year. Normal Carbo Rocket with added maltodextrin and Fructose. Even so I ran out of that after lap four so I decided to try two new things. The first was avocado. I don’t recommend that, felt so sick and dizzy. the second was coconut milk. That worked quite well for my last lap. Even after stopping to calm a woman who thought she was lost and trying to give directions I finished stronger then on lap one.

Overall for the 6 hours I did 6 laps in 7:12 while last year it only took me 6:39. That means I lost to last years Bill Martin by 33 minutes. It is what it is. Might as well just keep up with the training, get some rest, and maybe loose a few pounds. I’ll be back.

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