Is it a hug or a hold?

The hug hold test. A test I devised to determine what someone or something means to me. You hug a friend but you hold someone you love. Yea, that seems sappy but it is just one of the things going through my mind at any given moment. A hug is a temporary gesture to reconnect and give a friendly sign that indeed you are still friends. A hold is something you do when there is more of a deep emotional connection. Its a little longer and can be prolonged in the form of holding hands. I always ask myself, “Did I just hug or hold”?

You can’t just hug when a hold is what you need. It is fake and actually feels awful. You cant hold when a hug is appropriate because that is just … a form of kidnapping. That is never good. Never try a hold when a hug is in order.

Last night I hugged my bike. I got injured last week and thought I would be off the bike a little longer then I am. It was exciting to be out training again. So at the turn around point I got off to throw on my coat. Before I got back on I literally hugged my bike. It wasn’t a hold. Just a tiny gesture that indeed we were still friends.

On the way down I held onto my grips. The decent was bumpy and jarring enough I had to literally hold on for dear life. But the bike protested. I would grip and hold but the bike would buck from side to side and the jarring was intense. So I softened my grip until the handlebars were literally shaking in my hands without transferring the oscillations to my body. I learned that my hold was inappropriate and what made the ride better was just relaxing and just letting the bike do its thing.

So my hug was appropriate but my hold was not. Sometimes you just got to let go and give up control to the big ride of life. It all is what it is. You try to force things, or hold onto someone, and find yourself in a constant struggle. There are times to hold, when a hug is not enough, and everything falls into place without effort. And there are times you just let go and let life do its work. After all you have friends around with a constant supply of hugs to get you by.

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