Mule Ball 2011

I just got back from walking down the street to exercise my wounded limb. I get a hour at work for lunch but now that I live far enough away a trip home isn’t feasible. I cant wait for double workout days and some sunshine.

Already it is daylight when I ride my bike home from work. Tonight I am going to try and get in a workout on the bike. I really need to get back to some sort of fitness routine. The last 4 days I have been taking it easy. I took it easy this weekend but that was made easy by going to the Mule Ball 2011.

It was good to reconnect with some peeps and meet new faces. My mule family has taken the place of my biological family for the last four years. So last weekend was like a thanksgiving for me.

The weekend started out with a drive to Bozeman Saturday afternoon. The trip was quite fast at just a little over 3 hours where I got all caught up with my podcasts. My favorite is the Rebecca Rush interview.

The party was held at Wild Joe’s Coffee Roasters in the bike and ski lounge where I got to meet Peter Smuts the owner … real cool guy. Pete cooked us up some food. My favorite was the stew and corn bread. Damn this guy can cook. And the bike and ski lounge is so freaking cool. You just show up and work on your bike or wax your skis. We totally need one of those in Missoula.

I got to meet a cool frame builder named Paul Taylor of Taylor Bicycles fame. Another cool cat. Man, team Muleterro is shaping up to be so cool. I am glad to be a mule. I tried twice to talk ol Paul into building a snow bike. I have not given up.

Sten was pouring some scotch and Rich was gathering race dates. After a couple sips of scotch I proudly said, “just go to my website and all the dates are there”. We looked and they were not. I realized how far behind on this season’s duties I have become. So today I updated my 2011 page.

Erik and I conspired to make a kick ass set of headlamps for the season. Actually he is building them but I am super excited for these babies. Something like 900 lumens to burn all freaking night. Whaaa baby! Totally stoked for that development. Could of been the scotch.

I could go into the entire night’s activities but what happens in Pete’s shop stays in Pete’s shop … Ha. As my lunch hour comes to a close I am real excited for 2011. I also would like to thank Christy and Sten for taking me in off the streets and making me some good food. After Sunday morning blueberry pancakes I had to escape or gain like 20 pounds. Time to get serious … I wonder if Jill is back from Hawaii yet.

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