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Pulling Weeds

I don’t know if this morning’s observations are valid but just a little something I have noticed recently. Actually spending 10 hours starring at a wall with the world spinning can really give someone a bit of perspective. Sometimes feeling like you are dying can be as affective as the act itself but with a added bonus of actually coming out the other end. Or is it something else, let me propose this little trinket of brain activity I discovered this morning.

A structured training plan has begun and I have to say my emotional stability is a little better. Without a training plan and a schedule it seems life is just too overwhelming. I have noticed that the lower my morning heart rate is the better I can cope with life (this morning I am at 38). Maybe this is why I have managed to stay out of “situations” so long. While training I don’t think I feel intense emotional attachment as much. Maybe I am just worn out, who knows. Something about it for sure.

After the Butte 100 I basically quit training and just bounced from one event to another.  Aimless is the word that comes to mind. This is the largest gap I have had in years and this time I even almost got into a “situation“. Don’t get me wrong, “situations” can be good; but they can be bad as well. Getting into a good “situation” is an art in itself and one that I have failed at so far. If someone could make a training plan for the big “situation” I am sure I could pull it off.

Heartless in Missoula, not exactly. While I do find things pretty stable and dates with my workouts exciting there is still an appreciation for the good things. Like friendships. Good people can not be overlooked. In this way I think training and life is a good mixture. It keeps the weeds out of the garden.


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