The Trifecta

IMG_9420 I was just getting off work when things started to unravel. I just had entered my apartment and discovered some problems with my apartment. More on that later. Before I could travel the distance of my small abode everything went to spinning and I barely made it to my bed. I tried laying on the left side and discovered a spinning hell that could not be sustained without a power puke into the wall. I quickly went to my right side. That was better.

After a couple text messages to alert my friends I decided to try to walk. I got up and did 2 things. I located a bucket and strategically placed it next to my bed. I also placed my computer next to where I could lay without spinning. Just as I finished those two things I fell over. I crawled to my bed and got into the comfort position. This could only mean one thing … vertigo. It has been 3 years since one hit me this hard.

There is an alternate explanation. At lunch I mixed up the lids to my cooked and raw chicken. It is possible that I put the raw lid on the cooked and took it to work. I ate it around 4pm and within about two hours I was totally incapacitated and laying on my side in bed. I stayed that way for 10 hours straight. I couldn’t close my eyes because it was like being drunk. Everything started to spin and the bucket was necessary. 10 hours … nothing but wall.

julieI got 4 hours sleep and awoke feeling like I was supposed to be somewhere. I remembered that I planned to go tree hunting and sledding with my friends Julie and Ron. I scrambled around the house to prepare. My plan was to walk to their house and if I felt bad I would bail on them. The walk felt good. Fresh air was the ticket. I was kind of pleased to feel the world in a stable position.

They got a world class “lot” style tree as I went on a snowshoe down some snowmobile paths. My mission was to scope out a place for some snow biking. Specifically for Jill and her Fatty. I found some great trails and when I returned to the car I found the crew doing hand stands and taking photos in front of their “kill”.

Soon the tailgating began and I felt like eating. I ate so much it was embarrassing. I hadn’t eaten in like 18 hours. There was chicken and wasabi, crackers of all kinds, truffles, pecan bars, and of course ginger snaps courtesy of yours truly.

photo I truly did not feel like sledding after eating so much. But once we got started and I got the steering down to a science we were having a blast. We screamed, literally, down the mountain. We passed a half dozen vehicles who just glared out from their glassed-in cages with a bit of jealousy and a hint of jolly. We were the thrill on the hill. Soon that was over and I went home and plopped down in bed to finish recovering from Vertigo. I slept until Sunday when all hell broke loose.

I heard a gurgling noise and went into the bathroom to investigate. Water was shooting up from the floor drain and was filling the apartment rather quickly. I alerted my landlord who lives upstairs. We battled the surging water until it stopped. We used a wet/dry vac to suck up the water and carry it outside. I was feeling very ill by the time we got it under control. I was noticeably sick so my landlord put me up in a motel overnight.

So today a crew will be in my apartment fixing it back up. They are going to send cameras down the drain to see what was going on. The guy at the Red Lion said that he had numerous familys staying there because of flooding. I think the city had a back wash or something. Truly disgusting.

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