Shakespeare In The Park


Julius Caesar played last night and endured some rain storms, and through it all made for a tremendous experience. When Caesar was slain the clouds opened up and in the rain the play continued. It was really freaking cool.

I inquired among some friends who was going and there was a lot of maybe, but no commitments. Reason being the weather which was cold and rainy. Julie finally made the plunge and started a movement that ended in three of us sitting in the rain.

Julie and I rode her tandem to the play and almost had a couple “incidents” so the night started out right. The skies cleared up for the play to start, so we spread out our eats and “drinks”.

Dave showed just in time for the start of the play. Julie made pesto spread, which was so good.

“Take this dagger, I might stab myself on my ride”.

You can not beat Missoula. Everyone who lives here on their own free will knows which what I speak.

After the play our threesome turned into a foursome when Jill joined us and we took refuge at The Bridge Pizza for some hot tea and cookies. I have been to Shakespeare in the Park before and enjoyed both times. I am so glad we endured the weather to experience such moving a performance.

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