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Side Trips

Last night I called up a new friend. A special fiend. This morning I think back to another friendship. One that has turned out to be as fulfilling and close as can be. One that has turned into a kind of a brothership.

A couple weeks ago while Paul and his family were visiting Missoula I made a trip down the Bitterroot to get my bike worked on. Paul came along with expectations to go mountain biking afterwards. We stopped in at the world famous Red Barn Bikes to find out that Chad was out on a date with his wife. So we chatted with his dad and got all juiced up for a mountain bike ride at the Coyote Coolie trails.

Before we went on our ride we took a side trip to Skalkaho Falls. Just a spur of the moment side trip. One that took a little more time then we expected but is another jewel in the timeline of my existence. The falls were beautiful and we even discovered a hidden rain forest like gully.

In the end we finally did get to go on our ride and it in itself turned out to be a fantastic time. After that we drank some brew and hung out at Lake Como Beach while the sun set.

On our way back home my phone finally regained its long lost cell connection from the mother ship. A voice mail was left on my account while I was out of range.

“Remember when I said I wanted to come hang out?”, said the familiar voice on the other end.

“I will be in town tomorrow evening and want to know if I can crash on your floor.”

Paul and I replayed the message about 20 times to get her number right.

“Wow, that is exciting.” “You just got called by a girl and she wants to stop by and see you”, Paul suggested.

Maybe a beginning of another wonderful side trip. Who knows though. Some side trips turn into a full blown journey while others just dead end…o/o

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