Spokane 24 Hour Lap 3

I just received some photos from Bob Waggoner so enjoy some images that should of been posted yesterday. As you can see I was on the outside in photo one. Yesterday I blogged, “I passed a couple on the left side running up the outside and up against the course markings.”.

In photo two I just hopped onto the bike and am trying to make it to the front. Heavy traffic as you can see. “… got on my bike around 20th place. I still figured I could make it to the front. I still wanted to win the lap. I passed when I could“.

This is post 2 in a series of posts (my way of being lazy) about the “Round the Clock” 24 hour event at Riverside State Park in Spokane, WA last weekend.

Once I handed the timing chip to Sten he was off and I walked back to the pit area kind of dazed that I didn’t win the lap and wondering how I got so far behind. I needed to regroup.

I arrived to find everyone relaxed and talking about the elements of the start. I decided to quickly tune up my bike and go put my feet in the air. I don’t know what happened in those 20 minutes of my feet in the air. I was feeling fine and went to jump up for my next shift. As soon as the blood rushed back into the legs I cramped so bad I figured I would break my femur. It hurt so bad I almost tore down the canopy and screamed so loud the entire venue heard me. Marta (Rich and Erik’s support) assisted in working out the cramps enough so that I could hobble back to the exchange area.

The cramping worries took my mind of my previous worries. I was worried that Sten would have difficulties and cause us to drop out of first place. I must admit that publicly, right now, because he proved me wrong. Before I knew it he was coming in after ripping a 58:58 lap. We were flying and instead of me holding him up, he was going to have to hold up me as I worked through the cramps.

Sten really came through and I doubt we would of won without his consistent had effort in those initial laps. He was all business. When he came in he was focused and everyone had to yell at him to slow down and walk through the transition area.

I expected a slow lap. I have dealt with cramps before so I knew how to pedal gingerly but maintain a respectable speed. Plus I could stand up to alleviate any cramps that started to threaten. Thankfully as I kept pouring Down Carbo Rocket my legs felt better and better. By the end of the lap I was again duking it out with 4 person teams and passing folks rather then being passed.

We were off to a good start and 8 minutes up on second place “First Rate Mafia of NUUN”. With all the expectations crap out of the way Sten and I were about to put together a great race.


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