Out Of It

Whew! I have been out of it for a while. The last I recall I had this super hard block of training to do courtesy of Lynda and I dipped my front wheel over the rim of the canyon of “bad Ass” and headed down into it. Into the abyss of long, multiple, and time consuming training. Plus try and keep this full time job.

I haven’t been following the plan lately because in some weird way I convinced myself I needed to taper for this weekends race in Spokane. I have found some air and now seem to find time to blog. So what do I blog?

Funky town has included some interesting artifacts in this year already. Not to mention that we have not entered into spring yet. So I went to Pipestone and rode 11 hours with a sore throat. Yea! Came home to a week of sickness. Now I am wondering where all this weight came from and also some signs of my fitness failing me lately.

Oh my gosh, there is a crack in the super fit status I was enjoying just a month ago. I firmly believe that I have been socially eating too much and need to buckle down and get back with the program. Well, after today. I just ate a bag of tortilla chips. Doh

Big hike tonight. A whopper. 30 minutes

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