Missoula Thursday Night Rouges

The trouble with ginger snaps is that you can grab way to many at one time. I just grabbed myself a handful, brewed a cup of black cherry tea and now I am ready blog about last nights ride. We did the same thing last night. We grabbed a big ol handful of fun.

It all started innocent enough the group was to meet at the trail head of Jumbo Saddle. 15 of us showed up for the first real sunny evening this year. We rode the saddle and up to the top of Marshall Grade. Then we hit Three Larch like a bunch of butterflies lofting through lavender. I took every moment I could to get some footage on my camera. Movie coming later.

Once Three Larch was enjoyed we gathered for our assault on the Sidewinder Family. This twisty turn enriched decent is one of the best around. Missing were all the wildflowers due to our cold weather. It looks like they all froze. I finally thawed out and bombed down the ridge in style only bobbling on a few switchbacks. Its hard to ride this trail and gawk at the magnificent scenery at the same time.

We all gathered again for a family portrait and discussed our post ride meet up. It is becoming more apparent that this ride is incorporating a post ride caloric festival of some kind. It has been prevalent through out the early season. We decided on Rattle Snake Gardens.

After the beer and chips, your

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