We Got 6th

We got great support at the 24 Solo Worlds where we placed 6th. You are all great friends and I thank you for your support and sacrifices. The upcoming WSC24 official movie part 1 and part 2

I was sick after the worlds and when I got up the day after my skin tingled so I tried sleeping as much as possible (hard to do is such a beautiful place as Canmore). Once I woke up to black sludge leaking from my nose and mouth. I suspect I had/still have a MASSIVE sinus infection from breathing coal dust for 24 hours.

“I” went to Canmore to win a world title. I was unable to do it but what “we” did was far more important and has changed my opinion of what this trip was all about. We created a special moment in time where a group of friends worked together to achieve something great, learned about each other, and shared much more than we can say in words.

To come over that hill to weeping men, feel the hugs, hearing them give me encouragement with wavering voices. They have all touched my heart and now I know what is more important than winning. I wouldn’t trade OUR accomplishment for a world title … ever! Thanks Bob, Sten, and Rich.

Thanks Paul, Lucy, Niko, and Willow for coming up to see me race. It was also an honor to have my brother Paul and his family there to see our dreams come true. I am so grateful for your sacrifices 🙂

I must rest up and one day can maybe post some details. Stay tuned for the movie we are making 🙂

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