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Party On Dude

Well the beginning of winter is one step closer as we all gathered at Ed and Laurie’s house to see each other one last time for this year.  The Thursday Night Ride Group had it year end party tonight and it was a good time of fun, food, photos, movies, and stories of lore.

I used the opportunity to gather party supplies to work out so I rode my townie bike all around town gathering what I thought would be great food for great friends.  Olive oil, a pound of coffee, rosemary, garlic, baguettes, and veno.

I arrived and settled into a great little party.  Later on as the hard core crowd gathered in the secret underground we enjoyed getting to know each other, our wishes, dreams, and what makes symbols great (sorry, you had to be there).

I just arrived home for some sack time and must prepare to accept my other friends and teammates this weekend for the cyclocross state championships.  Next week this time I will have nothing to do.  Can you imagine that?

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