Blueberry Loop Worlds

Blue Berry Pie Mountain Bike Loop 11-19-2008, Elevation - Distance Tonight Bill V3 V4 took on Bill V1 (10/14/08 in 1:06:58) out at the Blue Mountain Recreation Area on the course.  Results!

Even though it was dark Bill V3 V4 took off from the gun and quickly built a lead that he took it to the finish line 1 hour and 1 minute later just missing the magic 1 hour mark.  With 1762 feet of climbing in just 9.5 miles we are talking pretty quick. Bill V3 V4 says that the record should fall quite easily and sub hours are in the future. Asked what he is going to do now that he is world champion he said, “to bed”.

Tomorrow is the Thursday Night Rides year ending party.  I am swinging by the GFS to pick up some olive oil, rosemary, and 2 loaves of Le Petit bread. Should be a good time but it is sad that is the last I will see of my friends until  next summer.

This weekend is the state cyclocross championships and after that I will not see my teammates until next summer.  The long cold lonely winter is bearing down and snow is in the forecasts.  Time to reacquaint myself with the tele crowd.

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