Falling Behind

Sun is out today in Missoula but who cares? Yea, just a little depressed here. Go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.  Good times.

What doesn’t help is when your getting screwed.  Digital Bridge Communications is screwing me. Missoula does not have many options for Internet service providers.  I need broadband because I decided to get rid of my phone and use a Internet phone to save money.  So I pay 30 bucks a month.

You might say what a deal; but in reality I squeal. I get worse bandwidth then dial-up and this means that my phone works 10 % of the time.  What pisses me off the most is that they advertise all the time about high speeds and blah blah blah.  I call up tech support and they tell me to call them when I am near my modem … lol. On a Internet phone without connectivity?

The problem is that they have overstressed the network with to many customers and instead of improving the infrastructure they just advertise more and hang their customers out to some 3rd party support staff. Beware of http://www.digitalbridgecommunications.com/BEWARE! I am documenting and submitting a consumer complain to the MT DOJ.

On a positive note tonight is the Starry Night Ride where I plan to be at the Rattlesnake Rec Area Trailhead Parking at 6 PM tonight. My plans are what I call Trans Ratt ==> http://tinyurl.com/mtb-plans and I am expecting a wet ride and possible snow at the Snow Bowl Lookout but hopefully not enough to deter a dedicated group of hearty souls lost in the darkness.

Oh yea, what does the photo have to do with this post?  Nothing! It was taken by M. Richardson (and a video). How did the race go?  I suck and when one sucks so bad it is hard to tell what is going on otherwise. I better start pedaling or get off the bike.

This weekend. Cross race here in Missoula.

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