Voted Yo

IMG_3815 Freaking Lance Armstrong! The dude travels halfway around the world then returns to Austin to win a time trail on the weekend.  In doin so doesn’t miss a turn as he partakes in Halloween with his children (or child, don’t know). Then yesterday (my day off from training) he goes for a session at the gym and then a ride before jumping on the plane to San Diego where he is in a wind tunnel right now.  Makes me more depressed! I suck man.

I did get up early this morning to vote.  Everything is in a time freeze right now and life is in a holding pattern.  I walked down the street and penciled in my vote to be the 25th voter in my district. So now it is the news watch and all night excitement to see a new era ushered in.  It is either the era of mass exodus from this sinking ship or a new effort to begin anew.

I am thinking much like when I moved to Montana overweight and semi-healthy.  One day I rolled up my sleeves and said enough is enough, I was going to become a cyclist again. And I did.  Maybe even better than before although I am on the verge of back slipping into mediocrity as a racer right now.  Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a new plan to be effective again. If not …. There is always the Kettlehouse!

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