Trying To Continue

I would like to thank everyone for your kind words. KCooper, my sister has posted something well said and I am so impressed of her insight and choice of words. Lynn, Bob, Mom, Ronnie, Pablo, Sheepy, and all of those of you that sent me emails. Thank you for your kindness.

It is freaky to always expect to have Marcy at my feet. When I accidently drop food crumbs I have to pick it up. I don’t have to come home for lunch, but I do. It is habit, but when I get here I feel lost and don’t know what to do. When I wake up I head for the door but no one to walk.

Tonight I tried to force myself to ride. It took me until 9 PM to get going and I got in a nifty little night ride. Big Deal 14.2 miles! I have no motivation. I went up the Rattlesnake a bit and up towards Jumbo Saddle. Hopefully tomorrow I will have more motivation.

Your Thoughts

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