Galena Grinder Trip

UPDATEnew: Read the post or watch the video!

My race sucked! But that was all that sucked.  The trips was great; and is up there with the many great trips of this summer. I just phosted photos in my Photo Gallery.

The first night we camped alongside the road in between Salmon and Challis Idaho. The next day was great.  We did not have to hurry at all.  we had traveled half way and were only two hours from our destination with the entire day at hand.  A far cry from my first trip here this year. So Friday we spent checking stuff out and pre riding the Grinder course.

We camped the second night up the drainage from the start line.  It was perfect and our friend Garland joined us. We talked race strategy and went to bed early.

The next day was great too. After the race we went into Ketchum and had a burger and beer at lefty’s, played in a city park, then slipped on into a Starbucks to soak up some of my card balance that the Brown’s had sent me for Christmas.

The next day Sten and I hit the Fisher Trail and I can not even begin to explain that trail.  All I can say is that you have to ride it to believe it.  For me, the best trail I have ever ridden.  It was spiritual.  Then we drove back to our homes.  I got home at 6 … our plan to get going early paid off. Great trip, great times!

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