The Current Explanation

I am trying to explain what happened at the 2008 Galena Grinder. I placed 8th and it all started the night before the race when I was crawling out of my tent and got a leg cramp.  And I continued to get them that evening.  I can not explain this because I have been tapering down and did not do anything to deplete my systems.

The race started and the beginning climb I found myself at maximum heart rate.  The start was extremely fast and I had assumed we would just roll out.  I spent the better part of the first lap catching up to the leaders.  On top of the Grinder climb I found myself leading the race. 

I tried to ride more conservative but soon Evan Plows caught me and passed.  This was a little disappointing because I thought I was putting time on the other competitors. I did not realize it but I was slowing down.

I followed Even but on the flats he would pull ahead and it seemed my power reserve was coming up short.  I finished lap one in 2nd and by the time we came back through from the spectator loop I was in 3rd. What was happening?  I was mentally getting down on myself.

I lost 3rd place on a climb to Ryon Butterfield and as he went by asked what was wrong.  I said, “cramps” because I was feeling tight and ready to cramp.  Up to that point I had religiously been drinking Cytomax and Perpetium.  I had just switched to Carbo Rocket and my performance was getting worse.  I was trying everything.  Ryon offered me a sandwich and I declined (I should of ate it).

On the final climb up to the aid station just below the Grinder climb I had exhausted my Perpetium bottles and was looking forward to replacements.  Just about a half mile from the station my ham strings locked up and I was frozen in pain and cramps.  I needed assistance from other racers to work out the muscled that seemed to be wadding up and freezing me in pain. Some real nice lady messaged my hams until I could walk.

I got to the aid station as I really started to lose places in the race.  I stopped to only find that someone had taken my bottles.  All my nutrition was gone.  the guys at the aid station gave me some endurolytes and hammer gels.  They filled my bottles with fresh water and I set out to do the big climb.

On top of the climb I started to get dizzy and felt like throwing up.  I couldn’t concentrate and started to fear that I was in serous trouble.  It felt like I was going into some kind of shock. I put down my last bit of gels and water from the aid station and was able to gingerly ride back down the course. 

At the final and last aid station I was within striking distance of just finishing the race.  The guy at the station gave me lots of encouragement and some gels and water.  One more climb.  On the climb I lost the entire race and slipped back to last place. 

I finally finished and sat under a tent. Some aid workers tried to help but my friend Sten had me handled and started feeding me water, Recoverite, and set out to get my meal ticket.

After sitting in the shade Sten got his award and I was able to make it back to camp.  What happened?

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