Snow Bike Tonight

Maybe it is not my energy drink mix that messed me up two days ago.  Last night I tried plain water and I could not pedal past 1 hour.  I never had a 1 hour workout take so long.  It did not help that I was riding indoors due to the winter weather that is imposing itself upon us here in Missoula. When was the last time that Mount Sentinel had snow on it in June that has stayed and even accumulated over three days.  Usually it melts right way but this morning the winter weather still rages on.  It is cold and rainy this morning and it is Thursday.  Marshall Canyon Mittower Gulch!

Yep! That’s right, it is the group ride night.  I just polled everyone to see if they were going to show up for the scheduled ride and sure enough there will be some showing up.  So, what the hell, I will be there.  I will be there with my snow bike, ready for snow, mud, and raging streams. I hope I don’t bonk after 45 minutes again.  I shouldn’t, my HR data this morning looks like I am snapping back.

Now … who gave me the cold?  I will find you!

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