Energy Drink Gone Awry

billblog I recently tried a new energy drink called CarboRocket.  It worked pretty well and what was so appealing was the simple list of ingredients. Maltodextrin, fructose, and sea salt.  One day I was in the Good Food Store and saw a bin for Redmond Sea Salt, which is one of the ingredients.  Just for kicks I looked for pure fructose and maltodextrin. I found them and had purchased them in hopes of playing with my own formula.

I mixed two to one maltodextrin to fructose and a dash of sea salt yesterday and headed out for a 1 hour spin.  Just a recovery spin, nothing special.  Well folks, lets just say that we should leave the drinks to the pros.  My concoction messed up my blood sugar so bad I bonked 1/2 hour into the ride and nearly passed out.  I barely got home before passing out on the couch where I slept until I got a phone call later last night.

So my next move will be to get some more CarboRocket and leave this sort of thing up to Brad Keys and his new drink.  Oh yea, I am not ready to give up on Cytomax with its lactic acid buffers and all.

Your Thoughts

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