I Can See My Breath!

Good morning Hello from a rainy, cold, and “see your breath” day. You know days like this make everything seem dismal and the mood is awful.  Drivers want to run over cyclists and the cyclists don’t even want to be out there, drinking in the grimy road water spraying off their front tire.  And … when it is wet and rainy, there is no room for a flexi-cast wrap thingy on my foot.  If I get it wet I must cut it off and have the doc re-work another and that cost $65 bucks.  So why not cut the damn thing off for good?

Its day 2 without my cast and last night I went Hiking with Marcy on the Orange Street Trail. Tonight I plan a mud-fest short track mountain bike bru-ha-ha. Tomorrow is the Thursday Night Ride with the annual post-moab biker party at a friends house. Hmmmm …. what should I bring?

Hey, today is Out To Lunch and Fat Tire & Sean Kelly’s Missoula Cruiser Tour!

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