Housing in Missoula Needed

Hi, My wife Lucy and I are UM graduate school alums who live in northern NY and have spent many past summers teaching for the summer UM Upward Bound Program.  Most summers we managed to sublet from either someone in family housing or related to the college but off campus.  This summer we will not be working on campus but if we can find affordable housing we would still like to spend 2 to 4 weeks in Missoula simply to live life at a slower pace and to share with our 8 year old son another part of the world that is special to us.  I would also like to spend some of the time connecting with people there to help develop a local web project called http://www.LocalSustainability.Com .

I apologize for cluttering your “inbox” but most summers the people who were most helpful, in helping make the connection between us and someone who wanted to save some money and have their place cared for while away, were various staff and faculty on campus.  We are exceptionally responsible people with many good past references.   We don

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