2008 Coyote Classic Report

Still unpacking here in Missoula Montana and it seems like spring has arrived while I was away.  I went hiking with my dog Marcy last night with out a winter hat. Just got back the the Coyote Classic AMBC in Boise Idaho and I am happy to report that I snagged the win overall in the expert class. I put in for a license upgrade yesterday but have not heard any news on that front.

Read the Montana Cyclocross coyote report. There are some great shots of John Curry and Joe Chalmers.

Taking a look back some highlights of the eventful weekend stand out. Friday I went out for a training ride and when I got home I had some packing to do.  I finally was ready to go around 1:30 in the morning.  I had to stay up and pack because I was going with friends that wanted to get an early start.

So we took off from Lolo at 6ish and arrived at the race site around noon time.  I was able to get in an hour of riding while my friends scouted out a great little camping spot.  That night we explored the cattle trails and played cards.

The next day was a mixture of sun overdose and cool breezes. I started off strong in my race and after watching the Pros take off I was glad to be in a more relaxed group. A couple guys followed my lead but half way up the initial climb I started dropping all of them.  Soon I was catching the younger experts that started off in an earlier wave.

I caught up to a fellow Missoulite Joe Chalmers who was battling at the front of his group.  He would eventually win out and take the win in the 30+ crowd.  He was looking strong and I had a tough time catching up to him. I said hello and set off to see if I could catch the pro field where John Curry was racing.

Soon I found John at the trail side fixing a flat.  I was bummed and after passing him I settled down to just ride with the pro guys.  I figured they would keep me out in front of my pack and out of harm of being passed. I raced the rest of the race with a pro that was wearing a jersey that looked an awful lot like the local Team Stampede kits (orange and blackish).  That guy challenged me and I went pretty fast to the end.

In the end I won but I was not the only Missoula racer. Along with Joe and his win was R. Brown who came in mid pack sport and his daughter who won her beginner race. John Curry did not get to finish (bummer) and his wife Lisa decided to take the scenic route but still grabbed second place in Expert.  Nice work everyone!  I think everyone would agree that Idaho has the best race courses and this one did not disappoint.  I found myself shouting out joyful expressions as I swerved through the great single-track.  I cant wait till next year.

is anyone going to Great Falls to the race this weekend?  Give me a ring at 406 322 DIRT!

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