Looking Back and Charging Forward

Good morning from another work day in Missoula Montana where the sun is out but will be gone in moments for the beginning of another snow event.  Let’s hope not as I am planning a three hour adventure down the East Side Road.

I cant believe that just two years ago today I did not even have a working mountain bike and I was going to race in Billings in the near future.  I just got done riding the Flesher Pass and was blogging about my idea to get the Trek going.  Folks, this is pre Leader.  What a difference two years make.

Last year I was getting chased down by Mike in the Montana Velo Road Race. That reminds me, I saw Mike last night on the trail and he is selling his mountain bike.  This news is so depressing.  Isn’t it funny that there are more road bikers here but less roads to ride and in contrast more trails to ride but the least amount of mountain bikers.  I am comparing Missoula to a place like the Flathead Valley where the road riding is awesome and the mountain bike trails thin. Oh discordia!

This weekend we (tentatively building a list) are going to Boise to race my mountain bike, anyone want to join us.

Your Thoughts

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