Win, Big Ride, and Race

Win In Polson [photos][montana cross blog]

I went to Polson with a friend to do the test race Speedwagon Classic. It was a good race with 20+ finishers.  It looks like next year we may have a sanctioned event. There was no entry fee and after the race was a big barbeque in the organizers back yard. It was a huge success even though the organizer was disappointed that the highway department decided to grade all the gravel roads in the county a couple days before.

We all started out at a very easy pace and I spun up the first grade realizing everyone was just letting me be there and drafting. After a couple corners and some rollers we started to pick it up a notch. I tried my best to stay safe from doing any big efforts at the front.  Still though, I did get out there a couple times to push the pace.

A couple break-aways happened but there was not intent on pulling them back.  I made a conscious decision not to lead such a charge.  In time we reeled them in and started hitting the gravel road sections.  Rocks flew every where and some riders backed way off.  A small pack of us slammed through the gravel and it seemed as if this was going to be the strong group to the end.

On the second gravel stretch everyone slowed and the more they spun the more they fish tailed around.  I selected a bigger gear and floated out in front. Every gravel section I would put major time on the pelaton.  On every pavement section I would look back to see that the group was getting smaller and smaller until I saw only two.

I survived the last pavement section (I had knobby tires) and went into the gravel confident I could pull off a win. There were no more pavement for a chase group to catch me on and I was faster in the gravel. Suddenly on a riser I crashed.  I had gravel in my knee, a bruise on my butt cheek, and my carbon handlebars seemed damaged.

I was able to continue to ride but the wind was gone out of my sails. I made it to the final climb and it almost ended there.  I did not have the gears for a steep gravel climb. I was hurting from the fall but I managed to slowly make it to the top and take the win.

Big Ride Yesterday [photos]

Yesterday I went to the Blue Mountain Recreation Area for some mountain biking.  I found all the lower and most upper trails in great shape.  I spent three hours and hit eery trail.  It was truly a great endurance ride. It was so nice to be out on the trails again.

Big Race This Weekend [link]

This weekend is the Coyote Classic down in Boise Idaho.  This is a AMBC race and I am looking forward to the great course.  Last year I went down with friends and had a great time.  Lots of good memories.  This year I hope for the same. I have friends all thinking about making the trek down I am just waiting for all the confirmations so we can plan a travel strategy.

That’s bout it, have a good week!

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