Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Still under the snow … every one! Hello from cold, rainy, snowy, windy, crappy, and miserable Missoula Montana.  You know what?  I am getting sick of cleaning bikes.  It seems that by the time I have cleaned the bike after the ride and washed all the muddy clothes, I just fall into bed around 11 PM.  I need sleep and I cant seem to get it.

Last nights ride was up Miller Creek Road. Check out the map! I started out pretty well and got to the start of the climb up Miller Creek Pass at just over an hour.  I think someone once told me it could not be done.  It’s definitely not 20 miles.

I could go no further so I turned around, went back to Missoula, then climbed up Pattee Canyon Road.  That did it and I arrived home at the 3 hour mark and around 42 miles (cross bike).  I was afraid last night would turn out to be another hypothermia event but with a bunch of layers all I got was wet.

Tonight is the TNR at Rattlesnake.  I plan to do some training and meet up with the group a little later.  Anyone going?  Lets do a poll … when will we get three days solid sun?

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