Thursday Night Group Rides Again

Tonight we rode in the Rattlesnake Recreation Area and I have just returned with some video footage. 

After work I rode up the Kim Williams Trail and then traversed over to the Marshall Grade.  From there I rode over Mount Jumbo Saddle to join up with my friends for tonight’s ride. Check out my route!

We rode up the Mandatory Single Track but it was still snow covered and potentially muddy when it thaws.  We figured we would get better luck staying in South facing slopes.  So we  went up Sawmill Gulch and did the first trail to the right.  From there we went up and did the Drop Out Trail.  There was excessive amounts of hiking due to the snow.

After the ride I stopped by a friends house were I was presented with a birthday present.  A case of pot pies … hey, are you saying I need to fatten up.  We fashioned a make shift bike bag out of garbage bags and duct tape. I rode home with my Marie’s Pot Pies and downed two of them right away.

So it is off to bed now and a Friday to look forward to.  This Saturday is the Speedwagon Classic in Polson and I have room in my car for a passenger.  Anyone want to go?

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