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Lolo Pass Ride

There is a lot of snow in the passes but non the less yesterday’s weather made the run off covered roads not so bad as a select group of friends and myself rode from Lolo to the Pass 33 miles up hill. I actually went on into Idaho deeper so that I could do my annual ride up the pass on the NW Passage Scenic Byway.

Ross took a half hour head start while I waited for Bill S. to arrive at the meeting spot.  The day was marvelous and the usual wind coming down the valley was pretty much calm.  It was a beautiful day with sunshine and great temperatures.  This was the first ride since before thanksgiving that I have done without a jacket.  I heard rumors that it may have reached the upper 50s yesterday.

We found Ross pedaling away at Lolo Hot Springs then at the chain up area before the actual climbing began Bill S. stopped for some grub… I took on the climb in hopes of dashing my previous record of … hmmm … well I know I have never done it in under 2.5 hours (stats).  So I topped out at about 2 hours even if not a couple minutes over (time was not accurate because of the riding around I did waiting for the ride to start).

I refreshed, ate a snack and bombed down the Idaho side.  I paused at the bottom for some great views and snapped off a couple photos.  I was such a tourist!  After taking it all in I hammered out the climb which did not take long either.

I set off on a tempo ride back to Lolo where I just caught up to Bill S. as he was driving away at the parking lot.  He reported a great first ride of the season.  Not long I arrived at Ross’s house to discover that Ross had a great day and hammered out the 66 miles in style.  For me I had cycled 78.9 miles in all and felt pretty fresh at just 4 hours and 15 minutes in the saddle.  A great ride!

Next week!  Training Camp at Lake Como … anybody want to come?

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