Homeward Bound

Good morning from Lambert Montana one last time this year as I get ready to roll out of town.  This morning in about an hour grandma and I hit the road for Roundup where I reclaim my wheels and head home in the Beetle.  I have my Dark Tower MP3(s) downloading onto my PDA as I blog and I will be ready to rumble in a few minutes.  Now I must wait for grandma to wake up.  Maybe Ill go up and start the coffee.

In other news the latest installment of The FredCast is out so I can not wait listen to that on the way home. Also, some post holiday sales have popped up like the one at Camberia Bike (coupon code CBO X7X).  Well, I better make coffee and put Marcy in the car.  It’s time to roll.

Your Thoughts

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