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Last Ride

Oh the memories!  I think this has been the best Christmas time to date not because of the holidays itself but because of my adventures on the bike.  Today I sewed it up with a quaint little ride out to Enid Montana.  This is my second jaunt out that way but tonight was a interval day as I kept my pace and stood the climbs.  The road riding was phenomenal out here. Click here to see the maps.

I really like Lambert with its bustling small population.  Heck they are even expanding with a new sub-division and a golf course …. ah, you would have to visit here to see why that is big news.  The locals have grown to like me as now I get big waves as they pass me on the road.  then at the bar they all tell where they saw me pedaling.  It was a great time this year.  Lots of cool folks out here.  I have really grown attached to all the oil field and ranch truck drivers that pass me on the road every day.

We have the SUV packed and we leave at 8AM tomorrow morning.  The first leg will have me driving grandma back to Roundup then I am home free as I hammer the beetle back home.  I do have one concern as the windshield whipper motor kicked the bucket and now I can not clean my window.  Lets just hope the roads are clear enough to keep the windows dry like when I traveled out here a week ago.

I am ready to be home and hopefully I will be home for two days of relaxation and preparations for the upcoming training for this summers mountain bike race season.  I read my top secret book about half way and I need to finish it off and set up my new plan.  Exciting stuff!  Does any one know how I can find a 6 inch foam roller?  Hmm!

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