House Sitting Hell

Hello from a house that has behaved bravely and it’s inhabitants are surviving the onslaught of a k9 that misses it’s owner.  Its day 5 of the house-sitting project and things are getting interesting.  I have a race tonight but I fear my chances of doing well are slim due to stress and all the work involved with this certain project. What started out as a “almost” vacation in a cool house complete with laundry facilities has turned into a stressful situation.  Its not that bad, no one is hurt or lost, but I don’t want that to happen and that is where the stress comes in.

Day 2 – Where in the world is Sadie: I came home from my race to find the yard and the kennel empty.  There was a large hole in the side but no dog. I panicked and went looking around.  No Sadie to be found.  I found three messages on the house owners tel-machine.

The first one was a guy that found Sadie and brought her back.  Little good that did as she escaped again out her previous escape route.

The second one was a lady that did the same and I started to realize that Sadie was on the lose and no one had the sense to hold on to her.

Finally the last message had a person that had custody of the delinquent beast.  The problem was that she recorded her phone number so fast I ha to play it back.  I hot what I thought was the repeat button and heard the message, ‘Message deleted”.  I had deleted the message by accident.  Shit!

After numerous stabs at the phone number I scored the correct one.  the woman brought Sadie back and I proceeded to stay up half the night mending the fence and dragging cinder blocks to stack around the kennel.

Day 3 – Victorious, Sadie held at bay: I was glad to find Sadie still in her cage after a stressful day at work.  All day I was worried that she got out again.  To celebrate I took the girls out for a hike up University Mountain. We had a great hike and the only bad part was that we got sort of lost and came out of the woods late.  All in all, a good day.

Day 4 – Sadie makes a comeback: When I arrived at the house that I am sitting I was hopeful that we would have another good hike that night.  As I opened the gate I was dumb founded.  There was two holes in the kennel and as a bonus there was garbage strewn around the yard. The only good part was that Sadie had failed to break out of the outer fence (I learned of a new latch at the bottom of the fence).

I felt that I could mend these holes as well but it seemed that that night’s hike would have to be postponed for cleanup and mending.  When I went into the house that was confirmed.  Sadie had ram-sacked the house and garbage was all over.  I set out to start picking up.

The icing on the cake is when I went out the front to pick up the mail. What did my wondering eyes fall upon?  A citation from the animal control department about a nuisance dog.  It seems ol’ Sadie had been barking all day as well. I figured I would have to take Sadie to work or take time off work as she definitely could not be left alone.

Day 5 – Now what? This brings us to now and what I have to do to make it to Saturday when i am freed of this venture. My bright idea this morning may be a bad one but one that I only have time to do without losing my job.  I am going to lock the pet door and leave Sadie sleeping on her bed while I go to work.  then after a couple hours I will come and mend the fence (extended lunch) and place her in the kennel.  Hopefully she will not bark at mid day and if she does maybe no one will hear and call the cops again.  Then I can attend my race this afternoon.  So wish me luck and we will see what the future brings as I come back tonight after the race.

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