Lubrecht Forest Cyclocross

Good morning from my friends house where I am house-sitting for a week.  All the pets are waking up and if it was not for Sadie I would of slept in. I didn’t even hear the alarm but I did get mauled by the big dog.  She must of heard it and knew I was supposed to get up.  Good dog!

I am brutally beaten, broken, and in a world of hurt today. After the race at Lubrecht my ankles felt like someone hit them with a hammer.  Yesterday as I took the girls out for a hike I was sore and could not move very swiftly.  It did not help that we got side tracked and was out till after dark trying to find the trail out.

The course last Sunday was one that favored myself.  It has one set of barriers and one barrier alone at the bas of a small run-up.  The rest of the course was flat out hammering.  Oh yea! I almost forgot, a sand pit too but it turned out to be a easy ride over the sand.

The night before I was up mounting an old tire from last year because of my sliced tire in the Thunder and Lightening. The tire held up and so did I …. barely.  At the beginning I took off strong but soon fell back to 4th behind John C, Frankie G, and Clint M. I set out to not let the group get too far ahead. Soon John blasted the group apart and we were all strung out about 1/8 mile apart.  Clint started slowing and as I overtook him he dove into the pits to change bikes.  I figured he would attack to get his position back so I hammered on.

Soon I was catching Frankie. 3, 2, then 1 lap to go and I gave it my all and got right up behind him about 25 yards away.  The last set of barriers came at us so fast and we were so concerned in racing each other that Frankie lost his chain (reportedly crashed).  I came flying over the barriers, barely made the first one and my bike hit the second one.  It bounced and I tried a pirouette to regain control but actually ended up throwing my bike as I fell face first onto the turf.

From there it was a matter of who could repair the damages the fastest. I had to take the brake cable loose from my brakes (taco-e wheel) and Frank had to untangle his chain.  I crossed the line in 2nd.  Have a good day everyone … I am going to rest up.  I feel old!

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