Going To Redlodge

Hello from the Green Hanger in Missoula Montana as I prepare for the trip to Red Lodge tomorrow. I have purchased supplies and gassed up the car. My bank account is at 4 dollars so I just dug around in my pile of financial papers (no time to worry about this stuff so it piles up) and found my Capital One card. What’s in your wallet?

… finished laundry and drove home …

11:07 pm: Ok finally ready for bed. So I was at the laundry mat and my friend showed up in eChat so I chatted and finished my laundry. I leave tomorrow morning around 8AM for Red Lodge and I plan to stop in Bozeman for a “Hot and Ready”. Grandma and other family should be there Sunday to watch me try for the championship title.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend.

Your Thoughts

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