MORS Standings Updated [again]

I am editing this blog to reflect an update of my current understanding of the way MORS chooses its series winner. I believed that it was your worst two races dropped but in fact it is best of five results. I don’t know if I just don’t read the rules enough or things are changing on their end. The bottom line is that the series is pretty much up for grabs and things are closer that I thought. I have edited the following to make this post correct.

The Montana Off Road Series standings [link] were just posted on the Montana Cycling’s website . Currently I am in first place with 125.5 points (113 100 points, best of five races lowest 2 dropped) and John Curry is in second with 95.5 points (95.5 points, best of five races lowest 2 dropped). Third place is too far away to strike. The bottom line is that I have to go to the Red Lodge Finals this weekend and place no further than 1 place behind John in the top 13 but only if John wins the race. If john gets 2nd or lower I win the series. In certain cases I could finish two behind john but in those cases he would have to get 2nd or 3rd. Bottom line is I need to either win or be on his heels when he finishes.

Some of my friends and Missoula racers also grace the standings. In Sport Garland sits in 4th while Ross is in 10th. Lydia is winning the sport women and Emily is winning the beginner women. Go team Missoula.

William Martin R.O.A.R. 125.5
John Curry GAS/Intrinsik Architecture 95.5
Alex Lussier GAS/Intrinsik Architecture 67
Dan Jenkins GAS/Intrinsik Architecture 56
Matt Butterfield Sportsmans Ski Haus / Cannondale 51.5

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