Snow Bowl, Pizza, Friends

I certainly appreciate my buds that stop by the lodge to say hi and keep me up to date what is going on in places I used to live. I am there with them in spirit as I can feel the humidity and the road ride that my cycling friends from Plattsburgh experienced yesterday. I only wish I could meet up with my bro in Burlington on Church Street for some relaxation, coffee, and banter. And with all that spiritual experience I was able to fulfill my current existence smack dab in the middle of single track heaven.

Last night's Thursday Night Ride took place at the Snow Bowl area. We climbed up the single track to the lodge at the top. the smoke was gone and the air was cool. As always the ride down was total ZEN. We are lucky to have such sweet trails here in Missoula. Thank you mother earth! After we downed some beers and stopped off at McKenzie River Pizza and closed the place with three more pictures of beer and two large pizzas. The conversation was full of fun filled stories as well as a tragic one where Biscuit the rock climbing dog was suggested to have been eaten by a mountain lion (un confirmed). This had a big affect on one of our riding buddies and we were there to console him.

What's up this weekend everyone? Big rides? Epic Rides? I am looking forward to some rest.

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