Exhausted After Butte 100

Hello from somewhere in Missoula Montana where barley conscious I try to blog. Last night's Mountain Bike race did not go off as I expected. For some reason I did not correlate doing a 100 mile mountain bike race with rest not to mention a little surgery thrown in. So I started the race with two fast guys and we lead up the 1100 foot climb (you should try this … its hard). My heart rate was around 173 then after 20 minutes my lungs started to burn and I started coughing. For some reason my body had enough and shut down. So I slowed down and watched two people I should be able to beat run away from me making me look like a beginner.

My second lap was better mostly because I coughed up 10 pounds of flem (due to the dirt roads of the 100 miler) and slowed down to a 160 bpm pace. The second 1100 foot climb was much smoother and I almost caught back up, Due to the extremely crappy downhill which was more suited for a downhiller I had a couple miscalculations and finally stumbled across the finish line badly beaten.

Your Thoughts

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