Butte 100 This Weekend

UPDATE: The map to the right is only the 100k course. Our 100 mile course had WAY more climbing in the last 10 miles. I will update after my surgery.

From the race promoter (click on image for map): “For a synopsis on the Butte 100 mile course, I would estimate that 95% of the course will be on Forest Service roads, the majority of which are fairly flat (<10% grade). There are several sections of road that are steep and technical, and due to the heat, smoke, and length of the course, the organizers have tried to keep these to a minimum. The course is out and back, similar to Leadville, through some very scenic areas.

Two other options are available besides the 100 mile, including a 50k and 100k out-and-back.

For aid stations, there will be two on the course: one at the 50k turnaround and one at the 100k turnaround. The 100k turnaround will also have a first-aid station and ambulance. Also, three campgrounds located along the course can be accessed for additional bathrooms and water. One of these campgrounds is Maney lake, a nice stop for those who are in it for the ride.

Weather-wise, Butte has been having some rather pleasant days: the high yesterday was 83 and the Weatherchannel forecast for Saturday is 80 and partly cloudy.

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