Out Of The Saddle

It sure is nice to see all of you stopping by the lodge to say hi.  Here is the latest update.  I have been standing if I go cycling.  I haven’t sat in the saddle for a week.  Last Saturday morning I had to do some drastic stuff to prevent an infection from spreading and got it under control. Here is the low-down (no pun intended).

My fun has stopped momentarily (I hope) because of a growth and the infection it has created.  I have a ketchup bottle sized growth near where I sit on the bike.  It became infected, and I missed the big race last weekend (Got to watch Travis Brown race the marathon, though).  I am seeing the doctor tomorrow and hopefully a surgeon later in the day for surgery.  I’ll keep you updated.  Been too sick to blog lately.

How did the race go?  Well, at the halfway point Travis was in fourth, but he made a move on his patented 29/26er bike and ended up second.  I took some pictures in the feed zone to study later to see what the big gun rides. I hope you all have a pleasant weekend.

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