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3rd Lost Trail Pass Ride


This Years Ride – A Quickie

This year I did a loop which was shorter than normal (See Map). This year I camped out with friends at Lake Como. It was a difficult week end because not only was I coming off a great pass ride at Fletcher pass but a local bike shop had ruined my mountain bike fork.  I promised a friend that I would cut my ride on the pass to two hours so that we could do a ride up a dirt road near the camp.

The day was nice and I rode to the top with minimal gear. I did some sprints up the pass and I feel I was riding strong. On the way down I took a side trip on the East Fork road just past Sula.  This road has to be ridden in the future as i am curious where it goes.  there is so many places to ride in Montana.

The post ride meal was some great spaghetti and garlic bread made by some friends.

Day Date Hours Mileage Climbing Avg HR Speed
Sun 4/24/2005 4.5 54.2 7,002 ? ?
Sun 4/16/2006 2.0 35.0 3,043 ? ?
Sun 4/08/2007 2.1 34.9 3,000 153 16.8

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