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Fletcher Pass Today

Hello from East Pine Street as I sit in my beetle eating some almond scone thing and a Starbucks coffee. Why not Break Espresso?  This is  special day, I go to one of my special passes to ride my bike and I have a Starbucks card just itching to serve me smooth brew and blue berry scones.  The only hang up is that they do not have blue berry scones here … boooooo! Anyway lets look at the positives.

Today I go to Fletcher Pass (See Map). This is a 50 miler that starts in Lincoln and ends in Lincoln.  My plan is to ride up Rte 200 to the Fletcher Pass Road (I dont know what it is called).  Then I will take the pass and go down to Wilborne before turning right on the Stemple Pass Road (Dirt).  It is my hope I dont run into excessive snow and the pass is open.  This all dirt pass will be steeper and end by a downhill dirt road to Lincoln.

This is all uncharted terratory and it is my hope that the plan goes off without a hitch.  if it does not I will trace my route back to Lincoln.  I will not travel further towards Helena than Wilborne.  As soon as I get some air in my car tire (it is flat) I am outta here.  have a good day everyone. Climb higer faster stronger!

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