Time To Pay The Bills

Good morning! I am blogging while I wait for my mysteriously slow connection to serve over just a few bytes of data to my computer so I can view my GOOGLE spreadsheet containing what I currently owe in bills. This morning I am feeling a little sluggish from last nights Pattee Cake Ride . I was just thinking that this was my first serious workout since I started racing three times a week . Now with only 3 races remaining I am trying to stay race ready. The next race is in two weeks at Helena.

… warp! Paying Bills … Well the bills are paid and now it is time to jet off to work on this frosty and cold morning. Tonight is another edition of Starry Night Rides so I hope to see you there.

On a side note, tonight is also Missoula's Festival of the Dead Procession downtown Missoula so go check that out if you can. And remember that tomorrow is First Friday Gallery Night (after a couple Kettle House pints of course).

Your Thoughts

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