In The Dark

Good morning! With the state champs behind me and a week off from racing I am sitting here yelling at Marcy to stay out of the toilet. She is always trying to drink out of the toilet and I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be hugging a toilet drinker. I just freaked out the readers that thought that Marcy was my girlfriend . he he!

I have a coffee sitting off to my right. I am using my cycling shoe as a coffee cup holder as I sit on the couch with my lap top. Speaking of laptops, I just blogged last nights dream [click here for todash ]. Last night I started working out in the dark. I went running at Waterworks Hill with Marcy.

Today is rent and bills day. I really hate these times and specially today. Last weekends trip to Kalispell really put me in the hole. Specially since my last paycheck did not cover my expenses.

Yea work! Every day I get asked, “What are you working on? Are you billing for it? Bill for it.” I am being harassed and interrogated constantly even though I have things to work on and quite frankly doing a better job than they think. I do not know how long I can take this constant harassment and not getting paid for my efforts.

So yea; I am waiting. Waiting to find out what all this is for in the grand plan. Everything else is in place except for my job. I am still going through change and must be patient and accept that all this is a part of the big story of my life.

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