Lessons From The Trial

Now and again I think of things while I am riding the single track deep in the woods. This is my classroom and temple. Last night as I was coming back into town with a big golden sunset in my face I had some thoughts I thought I would jot down in my blog. I am coming off success in the Montana Cyclocross Series (1st place right now). Today’s big thought is about opening the door to live’s biggest gifts. When I open my self up to success I sometimes get it. Can we compare that strategy to love as well.

I say open ourselves to love and success that is available to us. You can climb that mountain!

Fossil fuels run out but there is an endless supply of love and success.

When were are open to this abundant supply we will receive it and we may find it coming from unique places … including from ourselves.

Love heals our hearts and success strengthens it. Our needs get met and our spirits are then able to fly. I can ride strong and fast.

We can deny these things no longer. Of course these things I write in my blog but can I open the door to receive my own suggestions?

Your Thoughts

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